You could visit the school Monday to Saturday between 8.30 am and 4.30 pm other than second Saturdays.Parent needs to give some basic information in the enquiry form so that the staff can assist him / her better.
Our School
Our school, situated in the sprawling eco-friendly campus of MARG Swarnabhoomi, is self-contained with facilities designed especially to suit the requirements of students.
The classrooms are spacious with adequate ventilation. Each classroom equipped with teaching resources provides the right atmosphere to make teaching and learning an enjoyable experience.
MARG Navajyothi Vidyalaya

Welcome to MARG NAVAJYOTHI VIDYALAYA (MNV), a highly progressive school pledged to provide quality education with great emphasis on traditional values.

At MNV, we understand the important role the elementary education plays in moulding the life of an individual, so we relentlessly pursue with utmost care in nurturing the young minds.

Navajyothi Vidayalaya